sculpture THE CUBE

Iridescence colors, acrylics on wood, created in Germany

Length: 30 cm
Height: 22 cm
Depth: 20 cm

The main themes of my work encompass nature. 
The beauty that is offered by nature inspires my sculptures. I love to work with natural objects and use the different kinds an forms of materials available in nature.
Handling of common materials and what can be done with them stimulate and inspire me to present everyday objects from a new angle with a different twist. I try to place objects that otherwise would easily be overlooked as the primary focal point. That’s the reason why I like to assemble collages and assemblages. I love creating, developing, changing, taking a new paths and changing objects, rooms and walls giving the work a new different character.

Each segment of THE CUBE is made of wood and found material in the German Black Forest.
The small pieces are different sizes, colors and formations. The one small white stone on the configuration of THE CUBE acts as a focal point.
The multi colored CUBE reflects life in its many facets.
 And, like the complexityThe Cube of life, the small small pieces are different but all belong together as one unified whole.
At the same time, the “whole” is not a perfectly dimensional “square”, just as life is never been exact and precisely the same. The finny stone acts like as an catalyst as a multitude
of lives we each encounter.

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